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I will never sell your email address nor give it to anyone else to contact you.
When you make a purchase on my website I only ask for your name and email address. I don’t ask for, or keep anyone’s mailing addresses or phone numbers.

By signing up to any email subscription or opting in on a form on my website you agree to receive occasional email from me, Nicolai at ecommercenotbook.com These may include product updates and newsletters that may include promotional information.

You can unsubscribe from any email by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, or you can even contact me directly and ask me to remove you at any time.

All credit card processing is done either by Stripe or PayPal on their servers. I don’t process your credit card information directly on my website.

Use of “Cookies”
ecommercenotebook.com uses cookies. Tiny files that are stored in your web browser. Among other things, they enable you to stay logged in, allow you to add products to your shopping cart and allow you to download the various freebies on the site.

These cookies also enable me to show you related posts and videos among the ads you normally see when you are logged into Facebook, Google, Pinterest or their partner sites. These may be in the form of banner ads, promoted posts or even videos. You won’t see any additional ads, you will still see the same amount of ads (that is up to Facebook Google, Pinterest, etc) but it does mean that some of the ads you see may be about EcommerceNotebook.com If you block or delete these cookies you will see the same amount of ads but none of them will be from me or EcommerceNotebook.com.

“Delete My Data” Requests

I respect the “right to be forgotten”
If you would like to request that I delete any of your information including your email address or any record of your purchases I am happy to do so, just send me a request here

Keep in mind that it will make it impossible for you to log in or even download any of your previous purchases again in the future but if you make a backup that shouldn’t be a problem. You also wont receive any product updates.