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Here are some tips for making your Facebook ads effective:

1. Experiment. A LOT. I spend most of my budget on what is working, but I always spend 10 to 15% of my budget on trying new ad experiments. Even on things I am fairly sure won’t work. Expect most of them to fail but sometimes you find amazing results in unexpected places that make up for all the failures.

Small changes wont be very useful so be sure to change your hook, call to action and creative radically to make the experiments valuable.

2. Check your breakdowns. In your reports, you can see your cost per result broken down by age, location, ad, etc. Study these to increase your effectriveness.

For example… If you find that half your ad spend is spent on people under 25 but 80% of your sales come from people 30 to 45, you could stop showing your ad to under 25s and focus on the 30 to 45 year olds and easily double your profits.

Breakdown Facebook ad report by age

3. Use LTV Lookalikes. If you have sales data, upload your customer list with the amount each customer spent. Facebook can use this to create “Lookalike” audiences that are more likely to buy, based on your sales data. These can become highly effective audiences of millions of potential customers.

The data is anonymised when you upload it, so you will not be revealing any of your customer data publicly, but make sure you explain how you use customer data on your website

Creating a Lifetime Value Audience (LTV) in Facebook ads manager

4. Use Video to Amplify Your Opportunities. Even if your message is simple text, use a video ad. It offers so many more opportunites in both feedback and followup.

Facebook will tell you exactly how many people watched 25% of your video, 50%, 75%, etc. This gives you a really good idea of how interested people are in your message (more research data!) and Facebook will also allow you to show more ads to the people who watched your video. You can do so much more with this information.

For example: show your second ad to people who watched 75% of your first ad. They may be much more likely to become customers.
or… make a new lookalike audience (people similar to) from everyone who watched 50% of your video.
or… show your latest ad to everyone who watched 25% of your webinar.
etc. etc.

Creating a custom audience from video viewers in Facebook ads manager

There are hundreds of things you can do to make your Faceebook ads more effective but hopefully these will get you started.