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How to Make a Living Selling Digital Products

A $50 an hour wage will earn you $100,000 (read on to change that!)

To keep it simple, we’ll assume you work 50 weeks per year. Shift the sliders below to see your potential.

The calculator shows how much 100k per year is as an hourly wage. Move the sliders to see it change.

Earn More by Earning LESS

In the scenario above, there are only two ways to earn more. (But keep reading and I’ll show you a third)

A) Make more per hour
B) Work more hours

The reality of B is awful, and often impossible. Your time is finite, so why spend more of it on work?
And if getting a raise was easy to do, wouldn’t you be earning more already?

There’s a third option:

Make Less to earn more

With a job, you have a limited amount of fixed time to do one thing:
To help your employer do whatever they want done.

What if you could uncouple all that? and instead of helping one person, at the hour they want you to, you help a potentially unlimited stream of people, and you do it on your own timeline, and you do it only ONCE.

This is what a digital product does for you and for the customer.

With a digital product:

  • the amount you earn is not fixed to the hours you work.
  • Your product is available to help people 24 hours a day.
  • You work the hours you want to.
  • You can work for thousands of people at the same time.

With a digital product, earning money does not depend on you being “on the clock” you don’t even have to be awake. You earn when people buy, not when you work.

Selling digital products is a way to decouple your time from your income.

This means that your product is working for you 24 hours a day.
Once you are earning 24 hours a day, you need to earn much less per hour to make the same yearly amount.

Let’s look at earning $100,000 with a digital product.

When you have a product that ‘works for you’ 24 hours a day, you only need to earn $11.40 per hour to earn one hundred thousand dollars per year.

$11.40 X 24 X 365 = $100,000

You can reduce your hourly income to a quarter of what it was and still earn more money.

Selling digital products is not easy, but neither is a job.