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How to Make a Living Selling Digital Products

photo of NicolaiMy name is Nicolai, I live in Toronto, Canada, where I earn a living making and selling digital products.

I’ve been making digital products for decades, and making a living from it since 2015.

I am my own boss and my salary is generously paid by thousands of customers.

When I worked for other people, I worked too many hours, for too little money. Now I work fewer hours, and earn a lot more, with almost zero stress.

This is how I did it.

I always had after-hours side projects. Dozens, maybe hundreds of them over the years, but then every morning it was back to day jobs and deadlines.

In early 2013, I picked one tiny product, something I had made for digital artists and decided to focus all my attention on it.

I studied it like a science project.
What did people like about it? I learned to spot tiny signals, track them, and then do more of that.
What wasn’t working? Spot it and stop it.

I followed these tiny signals like a twitching compass needle.
Soon, a tiny trickle of sales turned into a small stream of income from a growing crowd of very loyal customers.

Almost three years later, I finally got the courage to quit my day job and focus exclusively on marketing my new digital product business and soon, the small stream turned into a flood of customers.

I never looked back.

Today, over a quarter of a million people have used my products, I have tens of thousands of paying customers, from hobbyists to many of the top movie and game studios in the world.

More importantly; I choose what to work on and when to do it.
I work fewer hours (never on a weekend!) and most important of all, even though it could be, I can’t remember the last time my work was stressful.