Earn A Living Selling Your Digital Products

Make a Living Selling Digital Products

A digital product is a time machine.
Do the work once and get paid again, and again.

A digital product is you working to help someone...

That work, now works for you.
Helping one person after another.
Again and again.

Everyone has a digital product inside them, waiting to get out.

Want to get yours out there?
A digital product was my escape from the 9 to 5.
Click the button and I'll share my secrets with you
What do I know?
I started making and selling software presets about 10 years ago. Today I have over 120,000 paying customers and more than a quarter of a million users in total.

You are probably thinking. “Ok, good for you, but I don’t even know what a preset is and I could certainly never make one.”

It really doesn’t matter. I could show you how to make one in less than 20 minutes, but you don’t need to know. You aren't going to sell presets.

The exact product I sell is not important and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

I don’t know how to make software and you don’t have to either.
You don’t have to do anything tech related like I do.

I'll show you what I do quickly anyway because I think you'll find it interesting. Just remember, your product can be 10 times simpler and you don’t need to know anything about Photoshop. This is not about any specific software.

This is one of my 600 products. It’s a preset. A preset is essentially just a bunch of settings I use in Photoshop to paint. To make one, I mostly just move some sliders and hit ‘save’.

If you have ever saved your custom setting in any software, like font size, line spacing, in a word processor then you’ve saved a preset too.

This is what the default paint brush looks like when you open Photoshop. The way it looks is based on these settings.

When I change the settings in Photoshop, my brush stroke looks different.
When I find a look that I like, I ‘click’ save settings, export them, and then I offer it for sale.

My customers buy the preset and now their brush strokes look like mine.

Ok. Now you’re getting annoyed. “I don’t know how to paint, I don’t know Photoshop, I don’t know anything about tech stuff”

Remember when I said it doesn’t matter what I sell?
That’s because they are not really buying presets. Let me show you what they are actually buying and that is something you can sell too.
Kara, a professional illustrator, makes $33 per hour. She has 4 deadlines this week and doesn’t have time to make custom brushes. When she buys my presets she is buying time that she can spend finishing her work, meeting new clients or having lunch with friends.

Tarek is just learning digital painting and can’t get the watercolour brushes to look just right, so he bought mine, but he is really paying to get rid of his beginners’ frustration.

Ana wants to join her friends and post “Inktober” sketches on Instagram but doesn’t have a nice ink brush. She buys my presets so that she can be like her friends, post on social media and get more followers on Instagram.

That’s why I said what I sell doesn’t matter. Because what they are buying is so much more basic than the particular product. There are dozens of ways Kara, Tarek and Ana can get more free time, more friends, more bragging rights or just some peace of mind.
I just happened to be there at the right time and I helped them get what they wanted.

You may not be aware of it yet, but you can help tons of people get what they want too.

It's already in your head.

We just have to get it out of your brain and into a digital product using simple tools you already know. If you can write, or talk, or even just write emails, you can do this.

Would you like me to show you how?

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